Holiday kid markets

We buy young goat kids to sell to ethnic markets in New York City for the Easter, Passover, and Christmas holidays. We buy both dairy and meat breeds, with really good Boers bringing the highest price. Nursing kids nursing grow faster and are better quality – they gain more than 1/2 lb per days. But many producers are learning to manage kids raised off dam to get close to ½ lb of gain per day day. They are having good results using cow milk and using milk replacer.

My customers want kids ranging from 5 weeks old (about 28 lbs.) to 11 weeks old (about 57 lbs.).

April 2020 – Pandemic affecting holiday kid market

The Pandemic is affecting the demand for kids in the market that I supply, which is New York City. I usually deliver three or four loads to the east before Easter and Passover. In spring 2020 I only delivered one load, with the carcasses getting to the retail stores on Tuesday March 31. Unfortunately stores were concerned that their customers would not be able to get into the city to buy and cancelled the rest of their orders. 

The kids I delivered were very high quality, and many sellers had more good kids that I had ordered and planned to purchase and deliver in the next two weeks. I know this left producers with a significant loss of income. Having provided markets for producers for 50 years, it is disappointing to have this occur.

Hopefully, by December and next Easter, we can work together to supply this ethnic market again. Typically kids born in September and October are best for the Christmas market. 

April 2019 Update

Thanks to all the goat producers who supplied quality kids for Easter market in 2019. It has been possible to find most of the kids needed in Minnesota & Wisconsin this year. Over the years,  breeders in Wisconsin and nearby states have learned to grow the kids to be fat at under three months & have been dependable suppliers for our market.

Easter 2020 is April 12 and Greek Easter is April 19 so January & February born kids will be best. Hauling will start in late March. It is helpful to call by middle of  March so that I can look at kids & plan when to load in each area.

Kids born in September & October are best for Christmas market. It is helpful to call by December 1 to tell me what you have to sell. Summer kids that did not grow well may be the size needed but will not have the meat quality that is needed.