Export Shipments

Daniel has been working with U.S. companies for over 45 years to locate goats and sheep that meet their international buyer’s needs for export. This page is updated periodically with information about the kinds of animals Daniel is looking for currently.

August 2020 – Seeking Nubian Dairy Goats for export to the Caribbean

We are looking for Nubians born spring 2020, both bucks and does, for export to the Caribbean. The buys requires animals with clear breed character: Roman nose and long pendulous ears. The buyer prefers a uniform, solid-colored coat or spotted coat. At this time we are only accepting animals from the upper Midwest. A health statement will be required from the seller. Offering $400/head upon the buyer’s approval. If you have animals to sell which meet these criteria, email photos to sunshine@jvlnet.com. Please mention “Nubians for export to Caribbean” in the subject line.