Export Shipments

Daniel has been working with U.S. companies for over 45 years to locate goats and sheep that meet their international buyer’s needs for export. This page is updated periodically with information about the kinds of animals Daniel is looking for currently.

Nubians needed for export shipment

We are looking for Nubians to ship. These can be either registered purebred and American (blue papered) or Recorded Grade and Experimental (brown papered). The buyer is requesting yearlings and early kids to be picked up by May and shipped in June. We are also wondering how many animals we could get for a September shipment.

We can pay $475 for blue papered goats with negative CAE & Bluetongue tests. Price for brown papered does is $425 with the CAE & Bluetongue tests.

At this time we are looking for sellers from the Rockies eastward.

Please email or call if you have Nubians to offer.

Future exports of Swiss breeds

There has been interest in Swiss breeds for export as well. Hopefully we can export more stock in 2021 and 2022 when the pandemic subsides.